Why Switch To A Noseless Bike Saddle?

4 April 2022
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If you cycle regularly, then you could see some useful benefits from switching to a noseless saddle. How do these bike seats work and how will they improve your ride?

What Is A Noseless Bike Saddle?

Regular bike saddles have a nose. You sit on the back on the widest part of the seat; the saddle's nose sticks out between your thighs.

Noseless saddles don't have a protruding nose. They are shorter and squatter than regular seats. Some of these seats are split into two parts. They have an individual cushioned area for each of your butt cheeks. Others look more like regular saddles in that they have a one-piece design. Neither extends out towards your thighs.

Why Use Noseless Bike Saddles?

Not all people find it comfortable to ride on regular bike saddles. Often, their discomfort is down to the seat's nosed design.

While a seat's nose can help your steering, it can cause some physical discomfort and pain. This can get worse if you ride regularly, take long cycle rides, or compete in events.

So, at the end of a ride, you might feel numb. You might have pins and needles. The nose of the seat might cause painful chafing on your inner thighs even if you wear padded cycling shorts. Plus, you might find it hard to get on and off the bike safely because the nose gets in the way of your legs.

While uncommon, some serious riders go on to develop worrying physical problems from long-term cycling on these kinds of seats. Some men, for example, suffer from erectile dysfunction problems. Some women suffer from genital pain or a loss of feeling in that area.

This discomfort and pain are typically caused because of the way sitting on the saddle affects your body. You have to distribute your weight a certain way. These seats put too much pressure and stress on the area around your perineum.

If you switch to a noseless bike seat, then you sit in a different way. The design of the saddle encourages you to use your sit bones rather than the area around your perineum.

Once you get used to this different position, you'll have a smoother and more comfortable cycling experience without pain, discomfort, or actual physical harm. Plus, you'll find it easier to get on and off your bike. You don't have to negotiate your body around the nose but simply move off the seat.

To find out more about the benefits of noseless bike saddles, contact bike stores.