Why Power Walking Is a Great Alternative to Running

7 June 2022
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If you love to exercise, power walking might sound like it's right up your alley. While power walking can provide a great workout, many people compare it to running. If you hate running, you might find that you actually like power walking.

Whether you are already a runner or you are looking for a great cardio alternative to running, you may want to know more about the benefits of power walking the next time you hit the gym.

Power Walking Gives a Great Cardio Workout

Cardio is a workout that really gets your heart beating. In a matter of half an hour or so, you will have given yourself a great cardio workout. Power walking, especially as you build speed and finesse, will burn calories and get you sweating.

Power Walking Builds Strength

When you power walk, you use your core, your arms, and your legs at the same time. You will build more strength in your abdominals, thighs, biceps, and even in your chest. You will see the results when you move on from cardio to strength training. Building strength by building muscle can use up just as many calories as performing cardio.

You Can Increase Your Workout

With some strategic steps, you can increase the strength you build during your workout. For example, you can carry weights in your hands or wear them on your ankles. This means that your muscles will always be surprised by your workout, improving muscle strength and ensuring that your body never gets used to the workout.

Power Walking Improves Your Mood

Like so many other types of workouts, power walking offers a great endorphin rush. You will feel just as good after a session of power walking as you will after a run, ultimately reducing your stress levels and improving your sense of wellbeing.

Power Walking May Prevent Injury

If you have been injured, power walking may be the best way to get cardio without getting back into running immediately. You can avoid further injury by walking quickly. This will help you avoid putting more strain on your knees, for instance.

Power Walking Is Easy & Available

Whether you are trying to find a way to warm up before you hit the gym or you want to get some great cardio in during your personal training session, power walking is a great option. Talk to your personal trainer about learning how to safely add power walking to your routine. Hitting the gym has never been easier with your new cardio routine.

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